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CPNB 2022: The Dundee Conference
Crop Production in Northern Britain 2022 1-2 March 2022 ONLINE

We are pleased to announce the date for CPNB 2022, which will take place on 1-2 March 2022. It will be an on-line event for 2022, recognising the uncertainties around the coming winter and covid restrictions but we hope the change of format brings positive benefits too. The organising committee are keen that this gives an opportunity to present the topical and northern UK focused content that the conference usually enjoys to a wider audience, who will enjoy the unique technical and practical focus of the event. We hope this allows people who would not normally travel and attend a two day conference to join the event and are particularly keen to promote the opportunity to more farmers, agronomists and students.

We are now inviting Offers of Platform Presentations (talks) and Posters (which will be available to browse on the platform and accompanied by a 2 minute pitch).

Those offering presentations and posters will be asked to submit an extended abstract (up to 1 A4 page equivalent) which will be available to view online and download for delegates. There will be no requirement this year to submit full papers.

The usual three sessions, 1) Agriculture and the Environment, 2) Combinable Crops, and 3) Potatoes will be the format of the online conference.

Offer a Platform Presentation or Poster for CPNB 2022

The Closing Date for Offers is 30th June 2021.

CPNB 2022 ("The Dundee Conference") will be the foremost Conference concerning environmental management and crop production and associated topics in northern environments. Whilst the long-established Association for Crop Protection in Northern Britain is not changing its name, the change in the title of the Conference to Crop PRODUCTION, reflects the wider remit of recent conferences.

The Dundee Conference covers Agri-environmental and Economic Aspects, Combinable Crops, and Potatoes.

Association for Crop Protection in Northern Britain

CPNB 2022 is organised by The Association for Crop Protection in Northern Britain, a non-profit making Registered Charity which brings together The James Hutton Institute, Scotland's Rural College, Scottish Agricultural Science Agency, NatureScot and the agricultural trade in Scotland.

Aims of the Conference

The aim of the Conference is to bring together farmers, agricultural and horticultural advisers, the technical staff of the agricultural chemical trade and all those concerned with recent advances in crop production methods and in chemical and non-chemical crop protection, including advisory, research and government organisations, to discuss crop production and protection problems prevalent in northern environments. In addition to those from Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland, the Conference will be of relevance to many others in Northern Europe.

It is the Association's policy to grant a concessionary rate to students. Individual students can attend at a concessionary rate.


CPNB 2022 programme will be announced later in the year. An example of a previous Programme, is available:

  • Cropping systems and environmental interactions
  • Soils and Water Protection
  • Soils Health
  • Composts and digestates
  • Impact of Rural Development and other Programmes
  • Impact of EU legislation
  • All aspects of crop protection and crop production in cereals, potatoes, and other combinable crops
  • Application of new technology, integrated crop and pest management, and sustainability
  • New products
  • Crops for renewable energy
  • Precision Farming
  • Pollinators
  • Crop nutrition
  • Breeding and genetics

Invited review papers from eminent scientists and practitioners are included in the Programme.

Offers of Posters

Offers of Posters are invited. To submit an offer, please email the following details to the event coordinator.

  • Name:
  • Organisation:
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number:
  • Presentation Option: Poster
  • Session: Ag-Environment / Combinable Crops / Potatoes (delete as appropriate)
  • Title:
  • Authors:
  • Brief Outline: [max 200 words]
Please note that the closing date for Offers of Platform Presentations is 30th June 2021.

Venue and Costs

Crop Production in Northern Britain 2022 is being held in three online sessions using the Hopin virtual conference platform on 1-2 March 2022. The first session covers with Agri-environmental and Economic Aspects. Combinable Crops are dealt with in the second session. The third and final session is dedicated primarily to Potatoes.

Delegates will be welcome to attend one or more sessions of the Conference, at a cost of per session or for all three sessions. There are special concession rates for Students.

On-line Booking is not yet available.



The Proceedings of CPNB 2022 have previously been generously sponsored by Bayer CropScience, and were published in time for the previous meetings at a cost of £30 for those who attended the conference, with the opportunity for all speakers to publish a 6-page paper (8-page for Invited Speakers). Those presenting Posters are also invited to publish a paper in the Proceedings.

The Dundee Conference is the only forum targeted specifically at these issues in northern climates. BASIS points will be available, the number iwll be confimred soon.


Attendance is important for advisers, technical staff of the agricultural chemical trade, and researchers in both the public and private sectors of crop protection. Students with specific interest in crop protection are encouraged to attend.





(A non-profit making, Registered Charity: SCO 1488)

Standing Committee
F. Burnett (Chairman), SRUC Edinburgh
T. Davey (Secretary)
A. Newton (Treasurer), James Hutton Institute
T.D. Heilbronn (Administrator)

N. Havis, SRUC Edinburgh
A. Lees, James Hutton Institute
H. Coutts, AICC Representative
K. Davie, SASA


e-mail: Event Coordinator